Raising Your Game

Jon Lewis | Leaving No Stone Unturned

April 06, 2021 Lewis Hatchett & Jon Lewis Episode 70
Raising Your Game
Jon Lewis | Leaving No Stone Unturned
Show Notes

In this episode, I speak with Jon Lewis, Elite Fast Bowling Coach for England Cricket. Jon also played cricket for England, Gloucestershire, Surrey and Sussex, where he was a teammate, roommate, mentor and coach of mine.

A career that spanned 20 years and taking over 1000 first-class wickets across all formats. I thought Jon would be a good guest on the show however I was blown away at how good the conversation was.

We talk about a range of awesome topics, from what it takes to make it as a top professional, how to be patient as an athlete, why coaches should be patient with their athletes and leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of making yourself the best you can be.

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