Raising Your Game

Michelle Carter | How to be Confident

June 01, 2021 Lewis Hatchett & Michelle Carter Episode 78
Raising Your Game
Michelle Carter | How to be Confident
Show Notes

Michelle Carter is the 2016 Olympic Shot Put Champion, three-time Olympian as well as a World Championship gold medalist.

Her success in Rio 2016 made her the first American women to win the Shot Put since the women’s competition began in 1948.

Michelle’s energy is infectious, her personality shines through and she’s an inspiration to all young athletes that want to achieve great things.

Lewis and Michelle talk about a range of subjects around confidence, parents coaching their kids, managing your expectations and her outlook on these topics. All these have lead her to start the You Throw Girl Confidence Camps.

A bit of a side note, Michelle’s father, Michael, had a 9 year NFL career with San Francisco 49ers and Silver Medalist in the Shot Put the Olympics himself.

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