Raising Your Game

Laurence Halsted | Becoming a True Athlete

June 29, 2021 Laurence Halsted Episode 82
Raising Your Game
Laurence Halsted | Becoming a True Athlete
Show Notes

Laurence Halsted is a former two time Olympic Fencer, Director of Performance at the Danish Fencing Federation and Director of Mentoring at the True Athlete Project.

Lewis and Laurence talk about Laurence's experiences of fencing, his journey to the Olympics, and the emotions that surround it. 

Laurence's new book - Becoming a True Athlete: A Practical Philosophy for Flourishing through Sport is an almost guide to creating your own values in sport and exploring areas such as self-compassion, connection, fear, and so much more.

The True Athlete Project project, the book and Laurence give a much more holistic approach to sport and show its impact on the individual athletes and wider communities.

True Athlete Project

Laurence Halsted

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