Raising Your Game

Geoff Thomas | Riding into the Storm

July 27, 2021 Geoff Thomas Episode 86
Raising Your Game
Geoff Thomas | Riding into the Storm
Show Notes

Geoff Thomas MBE is a former professional footballer having played for England and predominantly, Crystal Palace and Crewe Alexandra.

Lewis and Geoff talk about his experiences getting into football, the pressures of footballers now compared to when he started, a little on the recent Euros. What he believes it takes to be a good captain.

Geoff also shares his wisdom, but mainly his inspirational work now after he was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukaemia a year after his retirement. He talks about the emotional and physical journey going through the illness, the recovery and how he then took on the Tour De France the very next year.

This was one of the most inspiring and heartfelt stories we’ve had on the podcast.

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