Raising Your Game

Ruby Tui | Being Authentically You

September 28, 2021 Ruby Tui Episode 95
Raising Your Game
Ruby Tui | Being Authentically You
Show Notes

Ruby Tui is a Professional Rugby player and Gold Medalist.

Lewis and Ruby talk about a range of topics such as Athlete Identity, Gratitude, Mindfulness, Self Belief, Mental Health and so much more.

In this episode:

  • How Ruby has been doing lately and the books she's reading through her lockdown. [3:28]
  • Ruby recalls times when she misjudged stories of people she read in books. [7:34]
  • Breaks are as important as the actual performance. [10:41]
  • Mantras and mindfulness practices that Ruby lives by. [12:50]
  • Ruby's upbringing and how she got into Rugby. [17:56]
  • Ruby's role models growing up. [22:14]
  • Having had a troubled upbringing, Ruby share's where her life changed direction for the better. [23:28]
  • The moment she realized she wanted to play professional Rugby with the New Zealand Black Ferns. [26:30]
  • Ruby talks about self-doubt that she had at the start of her professional career. [29:34]
  • Emotions that she felt when she competed in the Rio Olympics. [33:02]
  • Changes she made in her environment that led to her success. [39:03]
  • Ruby's self talk and emotions she felt in the Tokyo Olympics finals. [41:32]
  • The line between humility and competition. [47:34]
  • Values that Ruby holds that builds her identity. [53:51]
  • The legacy Ruby wants to leave. [1:05:56]
  • Ruby's proudest moments. [1:10:26]
  • Negative experiences that Ruby reframed into positive ones. [1:11:52]
  • Be confident in who you are. [1:13:39]

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