Raising Your Game

Lessons from Ted Lasso

October 19, 2021 Lewis Hatchett Episode 98
Raising Your Game
Lessons from Ted Lasso
Show Notes

From the importance of kindness to mental health, owning your mistakes and trusting your skill, Lewis discusses how the lessons from the TV show Ted Lasso can help you become not only a better person but better athlete.

In this episode:

  • Enthusiasm and kindness win — always. [5:28]
  • The importance of mental health. [8:17]
  • The importance of mantras. [11:52]
  • Owning your mistakes. [13:26]
  • Care for your people. [15:26]
  • Look for the opportunity to be positive in everything because life is hard. [18:29]
  • Trust in your skill. [20:38]
  • Prepare. [23:25]
  • Keep showing up. [24:03]
  • Express what's in your heart. [25:28]
  • Favourite quotes from the show [29:16]

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