Raising Your Game

How to Manage Athlete Burnout

October 26, 2021 Lewis Hatchett Episode 99
Raising Your Game
How to Manage Athlete Burnout
Show Notes

Lewis discusses the signs of athlete burnout, reasons for its causes, how it can be managed and avoided.

In this episode:

  • Introduction [0:00] 
  • Lewis talks about the difference between the burnout he feels now as a retired athlete versus when he was still a professional.[1:45]
  • Lewis recalls that in the presence of stress, he felt ill physically. [3:41]
  • Overtraining can lead to burnout. [6:39]
  • Signs of burnout. [7:20]
  • Causes of burnout. [9:18]
  • Knowing the difference between being tired of being burned out. [10:29]
  • Stress creates change. [10:55]
  • Practice mindfulness as a check-in process. [13:09]
  • Set healthy boundaries to avoid burnout. [14:15]
  • Tip: Do a quick body scan. [16:03]
  • Check if your training is leading you to burnout. [17:57]
  • Work hard, recover harder. [21:45]

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