Raising Your Game

Hugo Hammond | Staying True to Who You Are

November 30, 2021 Lewis Hatchett Episode 104
Raising Your Game
Hugo Hammond | Staying True to Who You Are
Show Notes

Hugo Hammond and England Physical Disability Cricketer and was a contestant on the reality TV show, Love Island.

Lewis and Hugo talk about Hugo’s family, his love for cricket, and his experience in the villas of Love Island. The talk about his goal of staying true to himself, spreading the importance of mental health and disabilities in sports and in life, and his rise to reality TV fame.

 [08:57] Being Wheelchair-bound
 [11:24] Elite Dream and Playing with Diverse People
 [21:19] Disability Bubble and Balancing Life
 [29:28] How Hugo Got into Love Island
 [33:08] His Experience
 [38:17] Hugo’s Goal
 [41:41] Staying True
 [43:44] Mental Health
 [50:45] What Keeps Hugo Level
 [58:15] The Perfect Shoe
 [01:00:03] Running Training
 [01:02:07] Body Image and Aesthetics
 [01:09:12] Trolls and Threats
 [01:13:20] Euros Final and Backlash
 [01:16:40] Best Advice
 [01:18:48] Documentary Recommendations
 [01:20:48] Where to Find Hugo

Find more about Hugo at:

Instagram: @hugo_hammond_

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