Raising Your Game

Dr. Jim Taylor | Building your Mental Training

December 07, 2021 Lewis Hatchett Episode 105
Raising Your Game
Dr. Jim Taylor | Building your Mental Training
Show Notes

Dr. Jim Taylor is an internationally recognized sports psychologist who works with Olympic and world championship medalists, junior elite athletes, and other professionals across many different sports. Formerly, he was a world-ranked alpine ski racer. Currently, Jim is a 2nd-degree black belt in karate, a marathon runner, an Ironman triathlete, and a nationally ranked age-group triathlete. He’s also the author of 18 books and hundreds of articles in his field of expertise.

Lewis and Jim discuss the importance of mental training and how to make a program for yourself. They also talk about Jim’s career as an alpine skier, the struggles he faced, and what he did to overcome them.  

[06:31] Jim’s passion for triathlons
[10:19] From speed to endurance training
[13:29] Qualities of a top alpine skier
[14:10] The power of visualization
 Link: https://dictionary.apa.org/visualization
[19:44] Developing resilience as a late bloomer
[22:44] Does mentality matter more than skill?
[25:06] Create a structured mental training program
[29:36] Prime Performance System
Link: https://www.drjimtaylor.com/4.0/consulting/prime-performance-system/
[35:29] Why practice matters
[40:44] The five mental muscles
[44:37] Mental performance assessment & tools
[48:54] Jim’s most commonly used mental exercises
[53:39] Do mentally trained athletes have an edge over their competition?
[59:14] Practice like you compete
[00:52:44] Set an intention for each training session
[01:02:45] Stravanoia and ego control
[01:10:05] Every day can be a good practice day
[01:11:31] Healthy attitudes to have
[01:21:05] Mental obstacles for athletes
[01:31:50] Wrap up

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