Raising Your Game

Nicole Snell | Combatting Conflict

January 11, 2022 Lewis Hatchett Episode 110
Raising Your Game
Nicole Snell | Combatting Conflict
Show Notes

Nicole Snell is the owner and CEO of Girls Fight Back, a personal self-defense, safety, and empowerment company for women and marginalized communities.

Nicole shares her knowledge on managing conflict, ego, and masculinity. She talks about how we can be more confident, courageous, and truly aware when faced with danger, violence, and unwanted behavior.

[01:23] Introducing Nicole Snell
 [02:35] What Nicole Does
 [05:57] Nicole’s Training for Self-Defense
 [10:12] Elements of Handling Conflict 
 [14:58] Conflict and Masculinity
 [18:38] Empowerment and Education
 [24:53] The Pandemic Shift 
 [26:43] Youth Behavior and School Violence 
 [29:17] Awareness and Acknowledgement
 [32:35] The Bystander Effect and Intervention
 [39:14] Nicole’s 2022
 [41:01] Listening and Educating for Change
 [42:50] Nicole’s Recommendations

Where to find Nicole:
IG: @girlsfightback
IG: Students Fight Back

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