Raising Your Game

Dan Jansen | The Power of Dedication

January 25, 2022 Lewis Hatchett Episode 112
Raising Your Game
Dan Jansen | The Power of Dedication
Show Notes

Dan Jansen is a former Olympic champion and world record holder in speed skating. One of the most inspiring stories in Olympic history, he shares his dealing with grief, seeking a sports psychologist, and his Olympic journey in the 500-m sprint.

[03:57] Introducing Dan Jansen
[08:18] Bumps Along the Road
[13:34] Dan’s Olympic Journey
[17:48] Dan Dealing with Grief
[20:58] Mental Prep
[25:14] Getting Back to the Ice
[28:50] Dr. Jim Loehr’s Role in Dan’s Life
[32:11] Loving the 1000-m Sprint
[33:47] Mindfulness and Gratitude Exercises
[35:16] Dan Managing His Jinx
[38:05] The 500-m Sprint and the Ice Breaking
[42:40] What Dan Was Focusing On
[48:32] Dan’s Learnings and Accomplishments
[53:02] Difficulty in Changing Training
[55:34] Dan’s Work and the Dan Jansen Foundation
[58:04] Where to find Dan and the Foundation
[59:01] An Inspiring Sport Story for Dan

Visit the Dan Jansen Foundation here.

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